Wings of hope carry me through
a cloudy night
and a rainy morning; 
lifting me to the face 
of a bright sunrise, 
elegantly warming my skin
against the darkness of before.


Eyes are cool, super cool actually. I may just am being a nerd here but it’s whatever, really. When you look into the eyes of another you see things, really see things. You can see emotion, personality, motivation, and anything else you can possibly imagine. The eyes are the key to finding one’s true soul. No matter the color, no matter the body they are attached to, you find things in people whether you want to see the things or not. You find reality. Examples are as follows:

I look into the dark eyes of my boyfriend, physically I see depth with different swirls of  browns but deeper I see love and happiness and sincerity and a kindness that whether young love has anything to do with or not brightens up my existence, literally. I see a man equivalent to an open book, for his eyes hold no apparent shame. His eyes hold a passion, a passion for the things around him, a passion for life, and that passion he spreads on to others with ease, almost naturally which I admire tremendously.

I look into the bright eyes of my little sister, physically they’re bright green, big, and sparkling, but deeper I see innocence. An innocence not yet stolen by society, a conscience not yet developed. A mind not yet settled into the realms of reality. A child not condemned by the world around her, just yet. Allowing her soul to shape into its form to allow the eyes, the ultimate mirror of the soul, to allow us a quick gaze.

I look into the soft eyes of my mom, physically I see their softness, their tenderness, their lovingness, but deeper I see triumph, sorrow, pain, and forgiveness. A series of triumphant sparkles from all of life’s victories: marriage, the birth of three children, family life, a fulfilled spirit. A tender touch of sorrow under life’s grieving moments: a dad left behind, medical tragedies, instability. A painful realization of reality which is absolutely all of the above.  A glimpse of forgiveness for those who have wronged her as she tries to maintain who she is and what her family is all about amidst the purposefully scornful eyes of the passerby that just seem to keep coming.

“The eyes are the mirror of the soul and reflect everything that seems to be hidden; and like a mirror, they also reflect the person looking into them.”

                                     -Paulo Coelho


It’s you

It's you again
standing like a shadow in the night
creeping into my heart 
like a criminal 
hunting for possessions 
dragging me under
like you forgot about my need for air
trapping me in your thoughts
like i had none
your words like razor blades 
cutting my body as if it were paper
all while pulling me close 
giving no opportunity for escape
a faint whisper in my ear
"Shh.Everything's okay"


A heartbeat happens every single second. The sound of life. A clarity resounding through a body giving a constant reminder that this being is living, breathing, evolving. A life that possesses different realities and a different version of life unknown to many others. The ultimatum of vitality in a constant force.

If we think about it, our whole life depends on that simple beat. Whether we get to go to sleep tonight, wake up the next morning, or go on to the next year. It decides whether or not we get to do the events we love. And shows us our deepest emotions. Love. Fear. Excitement.

Our lives start and end with one, from Conception to Death, from First Breath to Last. No one knows how many they’ll get. So what are you doing with the ones you have now?

The Beginning


So like I said before if you read the about me page. This blog is for me. To know myself better, to better my creative thinking, and express myself in the only way I know how. This page, “Thinking Out Loud” is my pure and simple minded thoughts
(that definitely have no rhyme or reason behind them) and are definite insight to my inner being-my true self. So if you want to know the true girl behind the computer screen. Read these. It’ll be fun. If you’re into that kinda thing.

Plain Paper

Plain paper stares back
one just like the rest
and it takes a special kind to know
which words fit it best.

Inked words swirl the page
guiding one's troubled soul away; 
written by a wise mind
who brought their ideas out to stay.

It takes a special kind of person
with a very interesting mind,
to take blocked letters on a page
and carry you to the other side of time.

Darling I’m a Nightmare

Darling I'm a nightmare
holed off behind closed doors
shut off to the world around me
someone you can't adore.

I try to warn you
that i truly am no good
all these dreams you have
can't be with someone this misunderstood.

And I know you care about me 
which is all nice and fine,
but save your heart and yourself
from wasting too much time.

Have You Ever

Have you ever missed someone
missed someone so much it hurts,
cried and cried and cried
cause you missed them the absolute worst.

Have you ever wondered
wondered what would be,
become of that relationship
you feel that you so desperately need.

Have you ever been up so late
up so late collecting all your thoughts, 
thoughts that determine your future
with the person who's heart you caught.

Have you ever cared for someone
cared for someone so much,
and wanted to do everything you can
to mend their worries with a touch.

Have you ever needed
needed a hug so badly,
to protect you from life's wrath
and support your body so gladly.

Have you ever appreciated
appreciated someone so much more,
just for the pure way they treat you
like no man has ever before.

Have you ever smiled so hard
smiled so hard your face hurt,
just because when he was with you
all your problems he could avert.

Have you ever longed
longed so much for a strong hand,
to wrap around yours so tightly 
and pull you through this troubled land.

Have you ever prayed so hard
prayed so hard and never ending,
for him to be the one
that you were told God was sending.

Have you ever loved someone
loved someone a whole lot,
that nobody in all the Earth
could take his one and only spot.

Stare Up at the Sunshine

Stare up at the sunshine
gaze upon the moon 
lie in a sun filled area
or with a blanket atop the dew 

Lay upon your back
ponder every cloud or star 
let your mind kneel deep within
and imagination carry you far

Let your heart go soaring 
into the heavens up above
and let the Earth whisper softly
about the importance to just love

Ride that moment far
way farther than ever before
give yourself a moment to find
what the universe has for you in store.

The One We Never See

She has stars within her eyes
and the Earth at her feet,
but no matter where she went 
here purpose she could never meet.

She sat on Saturn's rings
and traced constellations with her hand
she gazed upon the Earth 
and the unhappiness on that troubled land

She danced through the heavens 
and upon the face of the moon
gliding through space
like a long lost balloon

She didn't belong to anyone
for on this Earth she'll never be
but she lies within us all
a free spirit we choose to never see.