Nature’s Smile

A pale sunset touching the horizon
blissfully chasing away 
the time, the past, the moment
relishing the things which stay 
holding in a glimpse of memory 
even if only for a while
we lay low inside it all
captured in nature's smile

A Brief Moment

A brief moment of beauty 
quickly passes through life's face
with visions of a forever
dancing pure with humble grace
A moment of innocent conversation
beginning with a smile
holds intent to the very end 
allowing a dream to press on for a while
Growth in the arms of intellect 
an ability to rise
falls deep into a prayer 
of the one who is most wise
Stumbling into the arms of God
an earthly body stills
but up above living on 
in the rolling heavenly hills

What’s the Purpose

What's the purpose 
of going to a party
that you didn't want to go to
just to steal some kid's parents Bacardi

What's the purpose
of taking a shot too many
you didn't even want to be here 
so why does the room keep spinning

What's the purpose
of drinking to not remember
black out drunk on some one's lawn
in the middle of September 

What's the purpose 
of stumbling to find the keys
to the car your parents bought you 
when you turned seventeen 

What's the purpose 
of starting the ignition 
eyes can't focus on the road
trying to get home to avoid the tension

What's the purpose 
of pressing on the gas
to only get a little down the road
before waking up covered in glass

What's the purpose 
of killing a girl and her mother
just because you wanted to drive
giving death the right to smother

What's the purpose
of regretting this all later
you didn't even want to go
but you became a statistic of something greater

Where to Go

A backdrop of nightfall
and a horizon at bay
darkness clustered behind me
pulling me away

I know where to go
but the past is so appealing
It's hard to know where to turn
If I go based on what I'm feeling

My mind is so driven
but I know not what I want
do I go with what's right
or everything I've longed for and sought

I may never know
where to go or who to be
but maybe one day I'll be the girl 
I've been longing for people to see


Don't cry because he told you 
that he doesn't feel the same
Don't cry because he told you 
that you're not worth kissing in the rain
Don't cry because he told you 
caring how you look makes you vain
Don't cry because he told you
your life won't lead to any gain
Cry because you told yourself 
people will never feel the same 
Cry because you told yourself 
not to see happiness in the rain
Cry because you told yourself 
caring is just for the insane
Cry because you told yourself
your life won't be to others any gain

Smile because you're you
no matter what anyone thinks
Smile because greatness
isn't based on life's mistakes

It’s Done

Depression hurts
quite badly some may say
but what they don't realize
is its tendency to stay

Depression sinks in 
from your core to your soul
running poison through your body
taking your ability to feel whole

It starts by stealing your mind
your memories and thoughts
hiding them deep in silence 
guarded by a fight that can't be fought

Next it grabs your heart
implants itself in the chambers
takes its knife and twists it in you 
putting your love and blood in danger

Now it's almost finished 
consuming your parts one by one
until you are nothing more
Oh look, it's finally done.

Life Happens

Life happens 
People go and change 
Fly away to other dimensions 
where they can maybe start to grow

Life happens
transformation's coming near
near to yourself and others
to a place you hold so dear

Life happens
places change and people grow
but no matter where you are in life
make sure to enjoy the show


Wings of hope carry me through
a cloudy night
and a rainy morning; 
lifting me to the face 
of a bright sunrise, 
elegantly warming my skin
against the darkness of before.

It’s you

It's you again
standing like a shadow in the night
creeping into my heart 
like a criminal 
hunting for possessions 
dragging me under
like you forgot about my need for air
trapping me in your thoughts
like i had none
your words like razor blades 
cutting my body as if it were paper
all while pulling me close 
giving no opportunity for escape
a faint whisper in my ear
"Shh.Everything's okay"

Plain Paper

Plain paper stares back
one just like the rest
and it takes a special kind to know
which words fit it best.

Inked words swirl the page
guiding one's troubled soul away; 
written by a wise mind
who brought their ideas out to stay.

It takes a special kind of person
with a very interesting mind,
to take blocked letters on a page
and carry you to the other side of time.