Memories are Painful

Memories are painful
stored up and away
but what hurts the most
is their tendency to stay

They wrap themselves around
and hold fast to your brain
never allowing you to forget
and leave on your heart a stain

All around you there are
places that will prick you inside
but what you have to realize is 
you aren't that same person you're still trying to find

So gather those moments
and treasure them well
because one day very soon
they won't be the key to a living hell

4 thoughts on “Memories are Painful

  1. Ah the immortal nature of memories was expressed in such a blissful way that I enjoyed reading every moment of this incredible poem of yours. Yes some moments that get edged in our minds over a period of time can be painful but one shouldn’t deprive us from our smiles, i feel instead of crying over the painful memories of the past, one should work on creating joyful memories in the present as well. Nonetheless a fantastic post, keep it up with your blissful posts. 😊

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