I’m Broken

I'm broken
to a point where mending 
is unheard of 
down to the joints
down in my bones
deep within my soul
I cry out
begging and pleading
struggling to grab on to anything
that can hold me above
the brutal waters of the deep 
its desire to swallow me whole

3 thoughts on “I’m Broken

  1. Ah the feeling of agony was magnificently expressed, based on my personal experience all I can say is that sometimes we break, sometimes soul does get decimated with depression but I guess that’s life’s hard way of inspiring us to gather our self up & hope to evolve as a stronger individual. As a concerned friend I hope everything is alright at your end, in case you are facing some stressful situation please feel free to reach out to me. 😊💙

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      1. I had been in a similar situation in the past, so I know the value of moral support in such situations. Here’s my email id sidharth.enigma09@gmail.com feel free to connect with me whenever you feel like. I don’t charge a fee listening to friend in need lol so feel free to express yourself, it would be a privilege for me getting to know you 😊. Till then hope u are blessed with eternal happiness

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