Confidence In a Tube of Lipstick

I finish tracing my lips with a blue- gray lipstick and walk down the stairs at the beach condo we’re staying at for the week smiling from ear to ear and a look of confusion sweeps over the faces of my family. The first comment was “have you been drinking koolaid?” and another “well that’s not your color.” Ouch. My confidence plummeted. I decide to go hype myself up and go model for my brother (he’s gotten really into photography) and it worked for about ten minutes until I decided to send my boyfriend a selfie of me smiling in my new lipstick. “That makes you look less attractive” was the response.

I wanted to talk about confidence today. Confidence in yourself. It’s honestly super hard to come by in today’s society and I wish it wasn’t but today my confidence came in a lipstick tube. Just a simple thing: lipstick. My simple thing was blown to shreds by those around me without a care because they did not know that words hurt. Words destroy. Words burn.

Many people walk around every day not comfortable in their own skin. We change for others around us just to appear beautiful in the eyes of another. As soon as I started getting comments on my lipstick, I was itching to scrub it off. I instantly felt in the spotlight as people were staring at my lips with a scrunched up face as I was trying to talk to them. What gives? I’m happy so why aren’t you?

We say “Honesty is the best policy”. Okay you’re right, but is telling me my face looks awful from the lip color the best way to use this “policy”? Why do we want to tear others down so much? Why do we not think about what we say? In the eyes of a teenage girl we need to. I’m trying to find the best version of me I can. I’m trying to live my life. Why are you breaking me down when I need to be built up.

As we go through life we need to learn how to talk to others and how our words can change people. I may never put on that lipstick again and I can hear people now: “Stop being so dramatic” or “It’s just a lipstick”. Yes, it was just a lipstick and yes it doesn’t really matter what people think of it. But it does matter how we feel about ourselves. It matters how we speak to others. And it matters if we’re treating the others around us in such a fashion to where they feel uncomfortable in their own skin. We’re limited in our time here on this Earth and the way that we feel while we are on it can make a difference in our quality of life

The next time someone asks you, “how does this look on me?” and they look genuinely happy. Are you going to take liberty upon yourself to inform them that this is a fashion disaster in your opinion and that they looked better before or are you going to build them up and let them be happy, because after all it is only a tube of lipstick.



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