What’s the Purpose

What's the purpose 
of going to a party
that you didn't want to go to
just to steal some kid's parents Bacardi

What's the purpose
of taking a shot too many
you didn't even want to be here 
so why does the room keep spinning

What's the purpose
of drinking to not remember
black out drunk on some one's lawn
in the middle of September 

What's the purpose 
of stumbling to find the keys
to the car your parents bought you 
when you turned seventeen 

What's the purpose 
of starting the ignition 
eyes can't focus on the road
trying to get home to avoid the tension

What's the purpose 
of pressing on the gas
to only get a little down the road
before waking up covered in glass

What's the purpose 
of killing a girl and her mother
just because you wanted to drive
giving death the right to smother

What's the purpose
of regretting this all later
you didn't even want to go
but you became a statistic of something greater

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