Eyes are cool, super cool actually. I may just am being a nerd here but it’s whatever, really. When you look into the eyes of another you see things, really see things. You can see emotion, personality, motivation, and anything else you can possibly imagine. The eyes are the key to finding one’s true soul. No matter the color, no matter the body they are attached to, you find things in people whether you want to see the things or not. You find reality. Examples are as follows:

I look into the dark eyes of my boyfriend, physically I see depth with different swirls of  browns but deeper I see love and happiness and sincerity and a kindness that whether young love has anything to do with or not brightens up my existence, literally. I see a man equivalent to an open book, for his eyes hold no apparent shame. His eyes hold a passion, a passion for the things around him, a passion for life, and that passion he spreads on to others with ease, almost naturally which I admire tremendously.

I look into the bright eyes of my little sister, physically they’re bright green, big, and sparkling, but deeper I see innocence. An innocence not yet stolen by society, a conscience not yet developed. A mind not yet settled into the realms of reality. A child not condemned by the world around her, just yet. Allowing her soul to shape into its form to allow the eyes, the ultimate mirror of the soul, to allow us a quick gaze.

I look into the soft eyes of my mom, physically I see their softness, their tenderness, their lovingness, but deeper I see triumph, sorrow, pain, and forgiveness. A series of triumphant sparkles from all of life’s victories: marriage, the birth of three children, family life, a fulfilled spirit. A tender touch of sorrow under life’s grieving moments: a dad left behind, medical tragedies, instability. A painful realization of reality which is absolutely all of the above.  A glimpse of forgiveness for those who have wronged her as she tries to maintain who she is and what her family is all about amidst the purposefully scornful eyes of the passerby that just seem to keep coming.

“The eyes are the mirror of the soul and reflect everything that seems to be hidden; and like a mirror, they also reflect the person looking into them.”

                                     -Paulo Coelho



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