My Story

There was a girl and a boy,
so in love they couldn't be coy.
They fought through many trials,
but their love began to glide off in a particular style.

All she wanted was some friends,
but all she received was "but first me"
She tried to ignore it, but then it started a trend.
A girl who was no longer able to be free.

The fights came and went.
They lasted so long they both were spent.
Deep down her heart was breaking;
but so was his because his voice was shaking.

He would raise his hand to almost hit her.
A girl trapped inside ruthless love.
She tried so hard to get it back to where they once were,
but he would come back to hit her with a forceful shove.

After every argument and every fight,
she wondered if the end was ever in sight.
She was confused and didn't want to ever leave him;
although their future together looked quite grim.

She was alone on her room,
most nights she spent crying.
She knew the time would come very soon, 
where he would come back and send her emotions flying.

Psychologists and doctors were immediately seen,
trying to get her once again to enjoy life's glean.
Suicide was on her mind,
because she was lost from the girl she had been trying to find.

One day the boy left her,
and she was all alone; 
all of her thoughts and tears covered her mind like a blur,
and her heart was heavier than a stone.

A few months later she got up and got dressed,
a little bit later than most people would've guessed.
She put on her most realistic smile,
and her intentions were all but vile.

She finally had her chance to claim some friends,
and learn to be happy again.
A new love she put in bands,
and she began to write her life with a new pen.

She sees him everywhere still,
and he tries to break apart the walls she built.
She finally got her freedom back,
but a new trust in love she now surely lacks.

Let this be a warning
to anyone who is trying to be, 
in a relationship this morning
because the girl in this story is me.

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