Have You Ever

Have you ever missed someone
missed someone so much it hurts,
cried and cried and cried
cause you missed them the absolute worst.

Have you ever wondered
wondered what would be,
become of that relationship
you feel that you so desperately need.

Have you ever been up so late
up so late collecting all your thoughts, 
thoughts that determine your future
with the person who's heart you caught.

Have you ever cared for someone
cared for someone so much,
and wanted to do everything you can
to mend their worries with a touch.

Have you ever needed
needed a hug so badly,
to protect you from life's wrath
and support your body so gladly.

Have you ever appreciated
appreciated someone so much more,
just for the pure way they treat you
like no man has ever before.

Have you ever smiled so hard
smiled so hard your face hurt,
just because when he was with you
all your problems he could avert.

Have you ever longed
longed so much for a strong hand,
to wrap around yours so tightly 
and pull you through this troubled land.

Have you ever prayed so hard
prayed so hard and never ending,
for him to be the one
that you were told God was sending.

Have you ever loved someone
loved someone a whole lot,
that nobody in all the Earth
could take his one and only spot.

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